loop-art pantomime herr loop by ulrich gottlieb

mime herr loop
Sometimes regular spoken theatre can leave you bewildered, not fully understanding what you see and hear. Take a break: watch a mime show and you’ll realise the power of silence. The artist makes audience members both young and old chuckle, smile and laugh heartily with his endearing mime, fascinating body language and physical expressions, all without the bother of speech.

Walk with Me

Mr Loop. A very excentric character turns the sidewalk into a catwalk
loop-art pantomime herr loop by ulrich gottlieb


Herr Loop, a mime character of a Viennese style waiter - he moves around, eager, willful and elegant. From one fauxpas into the next - a fussy person par excellence.
Herr Loop was serving his delicious laughter menu in several countries and excellent restaurants! Why he should not be within your menu? His apperiance will be a guarantee for an unforgetable evening.

An interacting walkabout show with the audience. Herr Loop on stage is also available as a 10 minute act.

More Characters can be developed!


ulrich gottlieb

ulrich gottlieb
ulrich gottlieb, vienna/bangkok, 1964 born in germany
physical theatre practisioner & conceptualist, performer & teacher, taiji practisioner & instructor, visual artist, writer.

early background in mime, later physical theatre self-thaught and by werner müller, nürnberg & hiro uchiyama, paris.

taiji quan & qigong by lim chee choon, penang and chen liang yao, bangkok

physical and visual work in multiple disciplines as physical theatre, taijiquan, painting, video, poesie...

works in art and education. international collaborations with theatres, festivals, cultural institutions, universities, international schools. performing and teaching and internationally.

bavarian state theatre
bavarian theatre academy munich
salzburg festival
university of popular music and music business mannheim
patravadi theatre bangkok
srinakarinwirot university bangkok
chulalongkorn university bangkok
ista international school theatre association
international dance festival bangkok
performance art center of penang
summer academy zakinthos/greece
wonderfruit festival thailand
international solo festival bangkok
GEMS world academy singapore
portugese embassy bangkok
fang mae kong dance festival vientiane

art projects
physical poetry - dance/text
#touch - living canvas

ulrich gottlieb